Sterna Security Devices has always made sure we deliver security products that are exceptional and are of high security standards. These security devices are integrated as electromechanical products.

IOT & Cloud

CymbIOT offers urban centers an out-of-the box, of-the-shelf integration & management solution allowing administrators to rapidly create a safe smart city that provides financial and operational returns from the moment of Installation.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a venture of sterna Security that aims on developing a framework for automatic testing of cyber threats which any given corporate or an enterprise might face as a serious risk.

Smart Media

Your screen needs a media player to update and display the content on the screen. In order to enable and control the screen with sterna security manager, you will need a license for your media player. See the license options below.

Security solution for telecom industry.

Sterna Security deciphered the problem faced by the telecom industry when it comes to replacement of products or servicing them. So what happens is, if there is any servicing that has to be done and a service person is required to fix it. The service person uses a mechanical key to operate the site and fix it, but dealing with mechanical keys could be tricky in case of loss or misplacement, so sterna developed a smart key system where electronic key is used to access the box which contains the mechanical key, this electronic key keeps track of all the data thus saving time and resource.

Security solution for petroleum industry.

Sterna Security analyzed the threat that petroleum industry is running into while transporting the petrol tanks. So this happens in sterna security transportation solution, when tanks that carry petrol are moving to delivery places, an electronic key is given to the driver, this Abloy electronic key opens the smart box which has the mechanical key, but access to this electronic key could be given only by one person, access can be given from any part of the world, thus making it flexible. When this mechanical key is taken and placed back all the audit trial information is received by the authorization person. This makes us control our transportation from any part of the world.

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