For Industrial Applications

ABLOY SENTRY is specifically designed to meet the needs of industrial locking environments. Industrial and municipal facilities are subjects to vandalism, thefts and even terrorism. Securing their activity is also socially important. ABLOY SENTRY is an ideal solution whenever high security and resistance against wear is needed.

One Key Fits All Industrial Locks

ABLOY SENTRY locks can be keyed into the same master key system. That means one key can open up all padlocks, camlocks and cabinet locks within the application.

A Perfect Key For Professional Use

Symmetrical ABLOY SENTRY key is easy to use and full metal makes it very strong to handle. Because of the patented AWS the effect of wear to the cylinder mechanism is minimized.

Key Security

Security is optimised by the vast number of key combinations. Duplication of keys is strictly controlled. In order to get additional keys, you must have a related keycard. The ABLOY SENTRY cylinder, keys and key blanks are protected by patents worldwide until 2027.