Advertising And Retail

Digital advertising for stores or other commercial contexts, can have many different purposes. Therefore, they need to have great breadth and flexibility.

Events And Trade Shows

At trade shows and events the digital message should enhance the experience. But flexibility is also important.

Information And Guidance

Why do we retain information in certain environments and not in others? How do we find the right path or location? That – and many other things – depends on how the information is presented.

Hotels And Restaurants

Screen solutions for the hotel and restaurant industry is about more than just conveying information – it is primarily about making the guests happy.


The world of education is undergoing rapid changes at every level. Digital is becoming increasingly important, both as a field of knowledge and a pedagogical method. Because of this, screens play a more central role.

Offices And Conferences

If we have learned anything in terms of media equipment for offices and conferences it’s that it can make all the difference – both for the image of the company, and for the effectiveness of the meeting.

Media And Control Rooms

The media industry have high demands on movable stands, video walls, and other multi-screen solutions. We have designed our products based on this.

Audio And Video At Home

Some people have higher demands on their entertainment equipment than others. With our products, screens, projectors, canvases, and accessories are mounted in a neat, smart, and reliable way.