Digital Signage For Advertising And Retail

Retail is always being exposed to greater and greater competition, particularly from e-commerce. Reinforcing experiences on site in the store and maximizing sales using situational and customizable marketing is thus a necessity.

SMS, along with our partners, has extensive experience in digital signage and display solutions that help reinforce the experience in the store and thus improve profitability. Smart shelves for store products, clothes hangers for the fashion industry or waste bins for the mall are just some examples of options you can combine with the encapsulation of your digital advertising in the store. Through our product categories Advanced and Tailored there are great opportunities to customize products to make them stand out or blend in, depending on the context, or align with your brand.

Also For The Advertising Industry

Many of our solutions for digital signage can also be used in a broader advertising context e.g. by being durable enough for outdoor use. In environments such as airports or train stations we provide products for both advertising and information screens, such as discrete video walls or screens on pillars for communication in multiple directions.

Read more about how we have helped the advertising industry and retail industry strengthen their meetings with customers to create a more inspiring experience in the store.