169, West Sambandam Road, R.S.Puram, Coimbatore, TamilNadu - 641 002. India.

Who We Are ?

Sterna Security devices is a well established manufacturer/distributor of electronic door lock for petroleum and oil refinery industry. Sterna Security devices are known for its predominant accomplishment in the manufacturing of electronic door locks with high precision and credibility. We have served as a pioneer in introducing locking system in Indian Oil petroleum tanks.

We have remained rigid about the two industries we are serving which have made sure that we achieve the targets we set without any looking back. We have raised our standards quite above the bar when we extended our horizon globally by entering the Swedish, United States and Israel markets. Sterna Security devices is a largest distributor/manufacturer and a proud partner of various locking products of Abloy.

The locks we manufacture are used in Indian Oil petroleum Tanks widely for the past 13 years. Our Clients are Reliance Group, Shell, IOC, BPCL, HPCL, Essar, Nokia and BARC. Ought to deliver the best solution to the consumer’s security issues we are proud to say we have done a commendable contribution to the industries we are serving.

Where We Started ?

Sterna Security was started in 1996 by Mr.N.Rangaswamy who also wears the mantle of the Chief executive and President who promotes the company. The company is a part of Ramalingam & Co group that has its origins in 1927. Started as a primarily trading unit in printing & packaging paper, this unit has since diversified and over the years evolved as a marketing outfit with the focus on niche markets and solutions. The origin of sterna security was with Abloy in 1996. Being a proud partner of Abloy, we have integrated electromechanical products that are of high security standards. The first security solution developed by us brought accolades as we solved one of India’s biggest problems faced by petroleum industry. The petroleum industry over the years has been plagued by threats of adulteration and pilferage. Ensuring products was delivered in right quality and quantity was a challenge. We developed the first solution ever that solved this very problem and helped petroleum companies delivered quality and quantity and ensuring purity during transportation of products. Since then we have had the privilege of providing solutions to some of the best companies in the world of Oil & Gas, Telecom, Infrastructure and Security.