Master Key System

Careful planning is the basis for long-term success of the master key system, ensuring the customers safety and security. It is possible to create multi-level master key systems each with unique access rights for different user groups. Superior master keying features are offered based on our vast number of different key combinations without compromising security. Expandable locking systems can be designed to cover large and extensive facilities. Ideally each key holder will carry only one key.

Keyed To Differ

Locks or cylinders, each of which is combined differently from the others. Each different key operates only one lock or cylinder.

Keyed Alike

Two or more locks or cylinders can be operated with the same key.

Central Locking

A keying system in which one or more locks or cylinders are opened by every key or by large number of different keys in the system.

Master Keying

The simplest master key system has two levels of keying and is considered the basic level of master keying.

Grand Master Keying

Locks operated by multiple levels of keys and levels of master keys along with an overall grand master key to open the complete system.