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Manufacturing and assembly is the main core in this part of the organization. Our all security products are manufactured and assembled in this part of our firm only. After a prototype is made after from a development phase, production is done in sterna security devices.


Prototype Testing is done before manufacturing.Once drawings and necessary documents are completed, these are sent out to manufacturing houses for quote so that the customer will have a detailed price for the building of the product. At the end of this phase the work is summarized and delivered to the customer at a Critical Design Review (CDR).

Design for Manufacturability and Integrated Product Development may require additional effort early in the design process. Manufacturing costs depend on complexity of our product, if there are multiple components, material selection, low batch product or high batch numbers. These factors are considered to ensure that company will make a healthy profit on the end product.


The assembly of product is vital. It is assembled with minimum number of joins and hence this will not only spend up manufacture and reduce manufacturing costs it also makes assembly of our product quicker. So the overall cost of our product is considerably less than a complex product.

Our company utilizes assembly processes such as manual, semi-automatic and fully automated assembly techniques ranging from automatic contact insertion and final assembly for connectors and smaller automotive components. In addition to our product assembly services for electro-mechanical components , we provide customers products in a variety of packaging solutions including tape and reel packaging meet each customer's needs to reduce costs during the next levels of assembly for smaller components.