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Design and development is the main core in this part of the organization. Our all security products are made and developed from an idea in this part of our firm only. Be it the software or electromechanical product, they are modeled and made into a prototype for manufacturing by employees working here.


Products designed here at sterna security not only enables the clients to solve their complex scenario but also makes it easy for them to get it delivered at highest precision. This phase is for detailing the design and creating engineering drawings and documents of the design presented during the prototype modeling. Any changes or modifications to the design requested by the customer are incorporated before drawings are made. A written report is also delivered detailing everything done in this phase. Again, at the end of this phase we will update the proposal and give firm costs for the next phase before proceeding for development.


Once the design is finalized a prototype is made and check for testing.The testing can be as simple as "does it work or not?" but with more intricate assemblies this can become much more complicated as you are not just testing if it works but how well or how long it works. Tests vary tremendously on the type of product and level of quality the customer wants to achieve. These can also involve market research testing to see how well the product would be received and for production. The amount of testing is most often limited by time and budget constraints.

Often the product development cycle listed above is repeated several times mainly to iron out bugs or fix problems that were discovered in testing. The goal is usually to create a short run of prototypes that are as close to release as possible and get them into the hands of key testers, select customers or others to do some final testing before a full product is released. The release build phase is usually just to get the final bugs out of the design as production is ramped up for the initial product development.