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    Security inspired by innovation, simplicity and well crafted business practice”
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    Sterna aspire to deliver outright solution for all clients’ security requisites“
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    “We provide unique and tailor -made solutions for petroleum industries”

Sterna Security devices is a well established manufacturer/distributor of electronic door lock for petroleum and oil refinery industry.

Develop devices that help our customers integrate remote monitoring of their operations in the fields of physical security

Our strength lies in manufacturing the solutions to scale,assembling and delivering the same with the precise quality promised.


Sterna Security offers high security solutions, providing bespoke security implementation for a wide variety of automated and intelligent requirements. We combine electromechanical security solutions of the highest standards with software to solve some of the toughest challenges in the industry today. We work with technology leaders around the world to offer unmatched service with highest standards of implementation.

Design and development of the security products and key management devices are built in this sector of the company.

Efficient & effective generation and development of products by manufacturing and assembling them in a procedural conduct is done under this part of the firm

Installation and Servicing of the products are done under Nana foundation by our company employee under professional guidance.

“Electromechanical product deployment has never been made so simple “

Sterna Security deciphered the problem faced by the telecom industry when it comes to replacement of products or servicing them. So what happens is, if there is any servicing that has to be done and a service person is required to fix it. The service person uses a mechanical key to operate the site and fix it, but dealing with mechanical keys could be tricky in case of loss or misplacement, so sterna developed a smart key system where electronic key is used to access the box which contains the mechanical key, this electronic key keeps track of all the data thus saving time and resource.

Sterna Security analyzed the threat that petroleum industry is running into while transporting the petrol tanks. So this happens in sterna security transportation solution, when tanks that carry petrol are moving to delivery places, an electronic key is given to the driver, this Abloy electronic key opens the smart box which has the mechanical key, but access to this electronic key could be given only by one person, access can be given from any part of the world, thus making it flexible. When this mechanical key is taken and placed back all the audit trial information is received by the authorization person. This makes us control our transportation from any part of the world.

"Product services drafted for provision of highest quality assurance"